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Children's backpacks model JULIA

Backpack JULIA
Backpack JULIA
Backpack JULIA
Backpack JULIA
Children's backpacks model JULIA
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Design: Suitable for any outfit, the children's leather backpack from the Julia range is carefully made for unforgettable experiences. Ariana Baby Shoes emphasizes quality, regardless of the situation. That's why he uses natural leather on the entire surface of the backpack. In terms of design, Ariana Baby Shoes innovates through creative ideas. The combination of white and pale pink is complemented by a special floral print

Dimensions: They are designed in such a way that the little ones do not encounter problems. The height is 20 cm and the width is 8 centimeters.

Storage: The backpack has only one storage space.

Thus, the little ones will easily attract all eyes. Help the little ones to differentiate themselves immediately and choose unique children's accessories!

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