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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions


1. Copyright

ARIANA BABY SHOES benefits from the protection of copyright law. The content of the site is the property of ARIANA BABY SHOES information, texts, images, graphics, symbols, programs, scripts, etc. The data on the site and on the server cannot be used without the written consent of the owner. Their use without the consent of ARIANA BABY SHOES is punished in accordance with the legislation in force. The pictures of the products in the online shop can be used only with the written consent of ARIANA BABY SHOES.

Please report any copyright infringement to [email protected]

2. Products presented and prices

The pictures of the products have the title of presentation. The ordered products may have small color differences from those in the pictures on the website. ARIANA BABY SHOES does not assume responsibility if the description of the products presented on the website is not considered accurate or complete. The prices displayed on the website for the products include VAT. The total price of an ordered product includes its price and courier fees (including VAT). The final price changes if the delivery fees increase or if it is a locality that is not within the coverage area of ​​the courier network. The prices on the website can be changed at any time, without prior notice. The final price may change if it is proven that it was displayed incorrectly on the website, due to an unforeseen error of the system, in which case the buyer will be notified by phone or e-mail (according to law 287/2009 art 1665)3.

Terms of delivery


The products ordered on the website are delivered only by express courier to the customer. We do not work with the Romanian Post.


The delivery term is 6-9 working days from the moment of placing the order at the address specified in the order form. Delays can occur due to various reasons: legal holidays, unfavorable weather conditions, technical problems independent of the company, etc.


If the delivery time of the products is extended, this will be announced both on the website and on all social networks. Orders received on Friday after 17.00 will not be processed until next week, Monday morning.


Due to the schedule of courier companies on weekends, no shipments are made. Deliveries are made only on working days, from Monday to Friday. Before receiving the package, you will be contacted by phone by the courier to confirm your presence at the delivery address.


Delivery fee WILL NOT BE PAID by ARIANA BABY SHOES for items that are on sale / offer / promotion regardless of the number of pairs purchased.

The delivery fee WILL BE PAID by ARIANA BABY SHOES when purchasing at least two pairs of shoes.

4. Methods of payment


1.Payment on delivery / refund: paid in cash, directly to the courier upon delivery of the package.

More information about the delivery terms can be found on the Product Delivery page.

2.Debit/credit card through the payments processor Mobilpay. The accepted card brands are MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron and Maestro. To pay by card, you must select this option at checkout and you will be redirected to the platform to complete the payment in a secure environment. 

If the card is linked to an account in a currency other than RON the payment will be completed in RON at the exchange rate of the bank that has issued the card.

Please contact your bank to inquire after any fees applicable for transactions made by debit/credit card, as they will fall to you.


5. Return policy


According to the provisions of GEO 34/2014 on consumer protection in concluding and executing distance contracts: "The consumer has the right to notify the trader in writing that he renounces the purchase, without penalties and without invoking a reason, within 14 working days of receiving his product, in the case of services, from the conclusion of the contract".


If you want to return the products purchased exclusively online, ARIANA BABY SHOES guarantees a longer return period than the one guaranteed by law, ie within 30 days of purchase.


The direct costs of returning the products are borne by the buyer. He will not pay for the transport if he receives a product with a manufacturing defect or a wrong product, and the return will be organized by ARIANA BABY SHOES.


In order to exercise the right of unilateral termination of the contract, you must fill in the Return Form from your account opened on the ARIANA BABY SHOES website.


If you want to change the product with another color / size / model, please contact us in advance by email at [email protected] where you will specify very clearly the order number, your name and the product you want to exchange. Any exchange of product can be made only within the available stock. If the desired model is no longer in stock, you can choose another one with the payment of any price differences by you or their return by us. The product you want to change must be sent to us by a courier organized by you (apart from Posta Romana) at the address: str. IULIU GROZESCU, NR.16, TIMISOARA.


Any product you return must not be worn or damaged. The product must be accompanied by all original labels and packaging (249/2015, art. 16 (8)).

Please use a protective package for shipment, if possible the original one. The product is not received if it is scratched, damaged, if it does not have the labels intact or if it is missing from the accessories. Worn products with traces of wear are not accepted as a return.


If you do not want to change the product, but it is a simple return, we will return the value of the returned product by bank transfer to the IBAN account specified by you in the Return Form. The refund period of the value of the returned product will be made in maximum 14 calendar days from when the returned product arrived at the address specified above.

Attention! We do not receive returned packages with cash on delivery. We only receive parcels for product exchange or return whose transport payment was made by the shipper (customer).

We reserve the right not to honor orders made by individuals or legal entities that have made more than 6 returns in the last 12 months of this year.


6. Product warranties

ARIANA BABY SHOES offers you a warranty certificate valid for 30 days from the purchase of the product. In order to benefit from the guarantee, the product must be presented in the original packaging with everything that accompanied it, the guarantee certificate and a copy of the fiscal invoice. The guarantee is offered for deficiencies not attributable to the consumer, provided that the use and maintenance recommendations are observed. In case of a complaint, please contact the online store team at [email protected]. Keep the invoice to prove the purchase of the product and the warranty slip.

7. Data confidentiality


ARIANA BABY SHOES guarantees the confidentiality of customer data. These data, provided when creating the online account, will be used for the purpose for which they were requested (marketing of products) and to promote promotions, events, benefits and news ARIANA BABY SHOES.

We recommend that you take care of the login data on your account and not disclose them to anyone. ARIANA BABY SHOES does not assume responsibility in case another person enters the possession of your password and accesses your account without authorization. ARIANA BABY SHOES does not assume responsibility if personal data are modified or stolen by unauthorized persons. Unauthorized access to the website, content, photos, personal data of users or the server is considered fraud. This will be investigated as such by the competent authorities. The ARIANA BABY SHOES brand, the online store and the products cannot be associated with anything that may contradict the status and interests of ARIANA BABY SHOES. The website can be accessed in personal interest. The website may not be operated for other purposes and may not be partially or totally copied.

For any problem / notification related to data protection please send an email request to [email protected] or consult the Privacy Policy. 

8. Final dispositions


A potential conflict between ARIANA BABY SHOES and a buyer will be resolved amicably. If it will not be possible, then the Romanian legal provisions and courts will be taken into account for resolving the conflict.

In order to contact the ARIANA BABY SHOES online store, you can find us at 0775371509 and on the email address [email protected] The website, called ARIANA BABY SHOES is the property of SC ARIANA BABY SHOES SRL, J35 / 3416/2018 and CUI RO39956998, RO67INGB0000999908364209, at ING IULIU MANIU branch, TIMISOARA. Headquarters: STR.POET VASILE CARLOVA, NR.9, TIMISOARA.